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Caleb Elder for Vermont House

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Vermont Conservation Voters Endorses Caleb Elder
Vermont NEA Endorses Caleb Elder
Sierra Club Endorses Caleb Elder

Caleb and family

Why I'm Running to represent Bristol, Lincoln, Monkton and Starksboro in the Vermont House

I am running to represent the priorities of our community in Montpelier. As a kid from Bristol and a proud graduate of Mount Abraham High School, I know that the towns of Bristol, Lincoln, Monkton and Starksboro form a unique community that values hard work, innovation, creativity, and tradition. We are a mix of the old and the new Vermont. We embrace change when it makes sense and we double down on time-honored solutions when they will continue to serve our families, friends, and businesses. We value things that work.

These values should play a more prominent role in Montpelier as representatives from our neighboring towns and counties discuss changes to Education, Energy, Healthcare and Transportation policy. My approach will be simple and is informed by my professional work with property owners, farmers, and contractors to develop renewable energy projects as well as by my recent experience serving on school boards for both Starksboro and the Mount Abraham Unified School District.

I promise to find practical solutions for our community by understanding the challenges we face week to week—raising our kids, paying increasing costs, and navigating more complex regulation. I believe we all share ambitions for schools which create opportunities for students, energy policy that creates jobs for a cleaner environment, and health care we can afford.


  • Emphasize workforce training and well-paying career paths open to Mt. Abe graduates.
  • Provide Vermont high school graduates with affordable options for continued education at VT State Colleges.
  • Pass education funding bill that reduces the burden on property tax payers.
  • Support continued local engagement in schools, following Act 46 mergers. Provide models for school advisory councils to augment the community engagement efforts of new Unified District Boards.

Health Care

  • Pass a Universal Primary Care bill as a first step towards Universal Health Care. Access to primary care can lower costs and improve outcomes over an entire population and over the long term. Our hospitals and insurers must help in this effort if we’re going to succeed.
  • Enable competition in the healthcare marketplace, where there is a clear need for  increased choice and pricing transparency.
Caleb at the Women's March


  • Provide streamlined regulation to enable and encourage high-efficiency affordable housing. Work with developers to understand how Vermont can support their work.
  • Revisit Net Metering rules following the 50% reduction in new permits in 2017.
  • Support existing farm methane projects and promote expansion of new biogas generation wherever possible.


  • Prioritize Lake Champlain cleanup efforts and identify new revenues to help pay for this long term effort.
  • Help Vermonters adapt to climate change and its effects.  We can strategize for changes in climate and weather while continuing our work to lower carbon emissions.
  • Pass a carbon reduction bill that ensures protections for low income Vermonters, while providing incentives to stop burning fossil fuels.


  • Reconsider road designations to provide safe, bikeable routes for all Vermonters not just “road warriors”.  It should be safe for kids to bike to school on public roads.
  • Identify ways to continue funding our roads and bridges as the gas tax diminishes over time.
  • Increase bus and train services for commuters.
  • Expand broadband services throughout Vermont to facilitate more remote working opportunities.

Caleb and friends


  • 10 years working in the Renewable Energy sector, including solar project development for homeowners, schools, nonprofits and businesses.

Public Service

  • Board member, Starksboro Town School District, since 2015
  • Board member, Mount Abraham Unified School District, since 2017
  • Committee member, Act 46 Study Committee 2015-2016


  • Vermont Democratic Party State Committee, 2012-2017
  • Addison County Democratic Committee, since 2011
  • Chair of Starksboro Democrats, since 2015


  • Bristol Elementary School
  • Mount Abraham Union High School
  • Patricia Hannaford Career Center 
  • Middlebury College, Environmental Studies Major