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Rental Housing Stabilization Program: Accepting Applications Now!

This important program to provide assistance to renters and landlords is now accepting applications. Please email me at if you need help with the application process. Happy to help if I can since this assistance is available on a first come first served basis!  


Vermont State Housing Authority Rental Housing Stabilization Program

 Pursuant to Legislative passage of Bill H.966, An act relating to the COVID-19 funding and assistance for broadband connectivity, housing, and economic relief and signed into law by Governor Scott on July 2, the Vermont State Housing Authority (VSHA) will launch on Monday, July 13th the Rental Housing Stabilization Program (RHSP). This program will fund landlords on behalf of tenants in need of rental arrearage assistance due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The RHSP will provide rental arrearage to the landlord for the actual amount owed by the tenant or the VSHA Payment Standard, whichever is less, per single household, if the unit meets eligibility criteria. The primary goal of this program, during this public health emergency is to keep Vermonters housed. Allow Vermonters to keep their rented homes and avoid homelessness and avert termination of tenancy and court evictions by granting back rent funds. The secondary goal is to compensate landlords for some of their losses due to the CARES Act, judicial emergencies, and stay of evictions proceedings.


Applications will be processed on a first come first served basis. Units must be free from life safety hazards. Homeless families, and those in unsustainable tenancies, will be referred to VT Legal Aid for coordination with the VT Agency of Human Services.


Applications, additional program eligibility requirements and FAQs can be found at:


For questions or assistance with applications and submittals please contact:

· Tenants call VT Legal Aid – 1-800-889-2047 or fill out Legal Help Request Form.

· Landlords call VT Landlords Association - 802-985-2764 or 888-569-7368

For additional Information contact VSHA at:

VT State Housing Authority

One Prospect Street

Montpelier, VT 05602


VSHA Call Center telephone Numbers