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H. 967 (Child Chare Flexibility Bill)

H.967 (Child Care Flexibility Bill)

The House passed a bill at the end of August, (H.967) to help more families access child care during the COVID-19 pandemic. Currently, small private in-home care providers cannot provide more than 4 hours a week when school is in session. This legislation makes it possible for children to have access to child care during remote learning days.

Social distancing, wearing a mask and following guidelines issued by the department of health are working. Vermont’s COVID numbers are low, people are going back to work, and schools are beginning to open. Parents across the state, especially in rural communities, found that their small home based providers were not allowed to provide care during remote learning. This legislation will allow these providers to make sure children are safe and cared for on remote learning days while their parents are at work. It is our goal to help Vermont businesses and families successfully transition through these difficult times -- this is an important step.